About Us

PAM Systems Pvt Limited was established in 1984 in India under the Companies Act 1956. The Company manufactures and supplies a complete range of LPG Bottling Machinery. The Company also manufactures and supplies LPG Cylinder Repair and Re-qualification equipment.

The Company’s Service and Consultancy Division provides Complete Design & Engineering of LPG Bottling Plants. The Company offers its services for Safety Audit of the facilities as well as Operator Training. It also provides Consultancy in Productivity enhancement of the Plants.






Customised Solutions


We strive to improve the planet by promoting technologies towards the growth of clean energy for our customers and end users through automation, innovation and customization.


With an inspired team and a shared goal, we hope to work towards a sustainable future through Automation and Empathy - staying attuned to the 'human touch' while eliminating labour endangerment and enhancing humanity. We dream to leave the world a bit better.

Company profile

A fundamentally strong company with an organic growth spanning over 3 decades


PAM Systems Pvt. Ltd. was established in 1984 in India under the Companies Act 1956. The company is an Indo-French joint venture with Société Provençale d’Automation et de Mécanique, France (PAM-France), one of the world leaders in the field of LPG Bottling Plants at that time.


Starting off as a marketing arm of PAM France, and with a deep-rooted understanding of the Indian requirements, PAM Systems Pvt Limited forayed into the manufacture of equipment for the emerging Indian market. Our success helped us expand our experience to neighbouring countries and over the span of two decades, our equipment is now met with customer delight in over 13 countries.


PAM Systems Pvt Limited specializes in a wide range of equipment catering to the ‘Refilling’ of as well as the ‘Requalification’ of LPG cylinders. Our primary focus remains on “Automation and Innovation”, whereby we introduce a host of interlocks to reduce the human element in operations thereby increasing the safety and accuracy of our equipment.


The LPG market, globally, is a very dynamically evolving industry. This demands a lot of customizations from our clients to stay competitive in their respective markets. PAM Systems Pvt Limited adopts a first principles approach to design the intended customization to ensure that the equipment is perfectly suited to the requirement.


PAM Systems Pvt Limited maintains high quality standards and provides robust, reliable equipment. PAM Systems Pvt Limited maintains a ready stock of spares and consumables to provide quick and satisfactory after-sales service. We strive to provide real-time service and are available via video-conference or telephone to remotely resolve your problems.


Given the current growth of LPG Bottling Plants, PAM Systems Pvt Limited offers complete design engineering services with a ‘Concept to Close out’ approach. This entails a thorough working of the capacity of the plant, right sizing of equipment and optimum layout to ensure your productivity is met. PAM Systems Pvt Limited is also competent in the Turnkey execution of the complete plant


Safety, while being the need of the hour, is mandated by the respective regulatory authorities. While PAM Systems Pvt Limited provides solutions for man-less operations of equipment, the safety standards and need for human oversight are paramount. Safety audits are integral in minimising any incidents on site. We have a team of experienced personnel who specialize in the safety audit of your plant in line with the guidelines of the regulatory authorities.