Untold story of Watchdog

LPG is filled on LPG Filling Scales, either on a filling carousal or stationery filling scales. It is essential that the filling is as accurate as possible. Some of the cylinders do get either Under-filled or Over-filled in the process.

Innovative & Robust Solution for Seed Marketing of Bottled LPG

M/s PAM Systems proudly presents you a facility to fill your LPG Cylinders in a containerised environment. Not the first time, but PAM Systems has successfully supplied this facility to your African countries - namely South Sudan, Rwanda, Somalia, Djibouti.

Now, replace your Leaky valves in-line and increase productivity

The valve changing machine (VCM) without cylinder evacuation, as the name suggests, replaces the defective valve of an LPG cylinder without having to evacuate the cylinder.

Universal LPG Cylinder Re-Filling Solutions

We are pleased please to inform you that we M/s PAM Systems Private Limited Indian Oil Corporation are a manufacturer and supplier of a complete filling solution for all your LPG Cylinders