Design and Engineering

  • Plant layout showing positions of Filling and Maintenance Sheds, Gas Storage, Office Building, Fire Fighting Shed, Fire Water Storage Facility, Compound Wall, Vehicular Movement Layout, Security Cabin, Effluent treatment facility, Rubbish disposal facility
  • Specification of LPG filling machinery to meet the required production capacity
  • Specifications of machinery for Utilities like LPG Pump, LPG Compressor, Air Compressor, Fire Fighting Pump, D G Set, and its technical specification
  • Layout of LPG Filling Machines and LPG Cylinder Maintenance Machines and conveyors within the plant shed
  • Specifications of safety systems such as Gas extraction system, Gas Detectors.
  • Vehicular Movement Layout for LPG Tank Lorries, LPG Cylinder Carrying Vehicles, Official Vehicles, Visitor’s Vehicles
  • Layout drawings required for Statutory Approvals
  • Budgetary Cost Estimates
  • Any other as may be required and specified by the Client

Operation and maintenance training

Our Training Module Includes:

  • Liquefied Petroleum Gas basics
  • Role & Functions of various machines in the Bottling Plant
  • Important settings machine-wise
  • Effect of LPG parameters on Filling Operations
  • Air quality and Plant Performance
  • Safety measures incorporated in the Plant
  • Development of effective maintenance schedule
  • Preparation of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Elements of Pumping, Piping, Valves and Fittings

LPG Bottling plant safety audit

  • Study of relevant documents such as Layouts, P & I diagrams, Operations and Maintenance Manual, Minutes of Safety Meetings, Internal Safety Audit Reports, Maintenance Schedules
  • Various safety compliances as per the relevant codes
  • Site inspection to identify potential hazards
  • Study of existing SOPs and verify its implementation
  • Discussions with Operating Personnel to assess their safety awareness and safety training needs
  • Assessment of housekeeping with safety outlook
  • Adequacy of safety equipment like firefighting system, fire alarm system, sprinklers
  • Maintenance and testing schedule for Safety Equipment to ensure its operating readiness
  • Assessment of disaster management preparedness
  • Adequacy of safety warning, safety instruction signs

SME (Subject Matter Expat)

PAM Systems Pvt Limited offers to employ Subject Matter Expat (SME) from India for the operation of LPG Bottling Plants. SME is an Engineer or a Competent Technician deployed at the Plant by PAM Systems to Supervise Operations, Maintenance and Condition Monitoring of LPG Filling and related equipment of a Bottling Plants.

One does not require a highly skilled labour force for Operation of LPG Bottling Plant. Persons with some basic education or skills can be trained to operate the machines.

Even when the contract is not extended, the Expat provides telephonic assistance to the plant personnel for a period of Six Months at a nominal monthly fee.

After - Sales Service & Spares:

PAM Systems Pvt Limited machines are robust and operate without any problems upon routine maintenance specified in the Manual. In case of a breakdown, the operating manual provides enough information to take care of most of the problems. The Customer is well advised to maintain a stock of emergency/mandatory spares as per the recommendation of PSPL. PSPL can supply most of the spares ex-stock upon the receipt of an order.

Normally, the assistance provided via telephone and videoconference by PSPL is good enough to sort out majority of the issues. However, for attending to major breakdown, PSPL’s technician can be deputed to the plant in a short time along with spares, if necessary, upon receipt of order.